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DJ Crisanto Santa Ana

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Orange County, CA
Crisanto Santa Ana is a international touring DJ and Music Producer hailing out of Orange County, California.  From DJing clubs to festivals and other conscious gatherings, Crisanto continues to spread good music and positive vibes.  He innovately spins at major music & yoga festivals such as Lightning In A Bottle, Shakti & Bhakti Festival, Wanderlust Festival, Lucidity Festival just to name a few. Crisanto instantly transforms any party into a dance marathon for all ages. His array of music selection is boundless, crossing musical genres as he intuitively reads what the crowd is craving for.  In yoga classes, he flows with the energy of the teacher and students exploring the union between music and yoga and the experience is intensely spiritual. Crisanto is currently working with world renowned music artist MC YOGI producing music in the studio and touring the globe.